Bathroom Tribe is all about the things that go into the bathroom of a British home. Most notably, the water closet or toilet. If you are not attentive enough, you could be reading everything but British on the internet. And you might end up wasting time on a product that you can’t buy or worst, money wasted on purchases that are not suitable for your British bathroom.

Pretty much like all the stuff you own, you can’t get more personal than those things you use in the bathroom. At most, they are shared by the people you trust and love. Therefore, you only want the best and the safest bathroom products.

They just have to be awesome because they are personal.

So, here on Bathroom Tribe, we have done all the research and ensure everything you are looking for meets the Standards (IEC or British Standards for example) and safe to use in residential properties across the United Kingdom.

And you are most welcome to contact us for any bathroom-related information, be it a recommendation or review request for products and services. We will answer all your queries with the best of our ability within a reasonable time frame (usually within 24 hours).

Enjoy your stay.