10 Best Baths for Small Bathrooms

Best Baths for Small Bathrooms

What Are the Types of Baths For Small Bathrooms?

A small bathroom isn’t always an inconvenient room. There are several ways you can make your small bathroom into a functional living space. You can get rid of clutter, letting in more natural light, or install compact size fixtures to maximise clearance space.

And having sufficient floor space is what really matters. But don’t be disappointed yet because ‘small’ is not a good yardstick to determine if your bathroom has the space for a bath. It is extremely subjective.

Ask a person who lives in a mansion and another who lives in a flat; you will get two very different perspectives of the word small. So it is only logical to know the exact dimension of the space you have that you want a bath to be there.

Whatever you have currently, let’s explore some possibilities of having a bath in your ‘small’ bathroom. They are not necessarily the smallest, but the shape or design may just be the right fit.

Versatile Shower Bath Combo

The bath and shower combo is a natural choice for those who want the best of both worlds but lacking a separate bath and shower space. Commonly known as shower baths, they are a great way to save space and money at the same time. Such a hybrid bath is a common sight in most Japanese apartment homes.

One fact about these shower baths’ size is that the shortest length is 1500 mm, off the shelves. If you need a size smaller or shorter than that, you probably have to settle for a bespoke one. And remember to get the orientation correct; that is, do you need the shower to be on the left or right.

A good design of the bath shower combo should be made with consideration for both functional and aesthetic reasons. These 2 shower baths certainly have what it takes to be the favourite among users.

Aquariss L Shape Shower Bath with Front Panel & Glass Pivoting Screen

Aquariss L-Sape Shower Bath

You just need to be sure of the shower orientation when ordering – Right or Left. This 1500 mm long Aquariss shower bath comes with almost everything you need for a complete installation except for the tap and end panels. So you don’t have to bother with what shower screens to buy and struggle to get the right front panels.

The tap holes are not pre-drilled to prevent change-of-mind or possible mistakes in plan drawing. It gives you the flexibility and time to decide on-site with your installer. And with acrylic, drilling the tap holes is a breeze with the right size hole saw.

Cleaning is easy with the glass screen (with a return panel) hinged to the wall, allowing full access.

This Aquariss L-Shape bath shower combo is made of premium-grade acrylic. And backed with a 10 years ‘fit and forget’ guarantee, nothing should interfere with the peace of mind you deserve in every soak you take.

As long as you have sufficient square footage, this Aquaris L-shape tub is perfect for a guest or family bathroom. TOC

Aquariss L Shape Shower BathFeatures and Specifications
Material5mm Acrylic
Overall Length1500mm
Shower Width850mm
Shower Bath Screen 4mm Tempered Glass
Leg SetIncluded
Warranty10 years

Abacus 1500 x 850mm Left Hand P-Shaped Shower Bath

Abacus 1500 x 850mm Left Hand P-Shaped Shower Bath Bathtub with Acrylic Front Panel + Glass Shower Screen

Excessive squares and angles in any decor can be monotonous and boring. Consider toning down the straight edges slightly with the curvature at the shower end of this Abacus P-shape acrylic bath. And add more natural light to the mix, it will elicit spaciousness from any small space imaginable.

The 6mm sanitary grade acrylic body is low-maintenance and retains a high gloss smooth finish throughout. Another solid feature is the 6mm toughened safety glass shower screen. Cleaning is no chore at all with the wall-pivoted shower screen, which offers easy access to every surface within reach.

Also, the shower screen is reversible, which means it can be installed on either the left or right-handed bath. So, that is one mistake possibility eliminated. All you need to make sure of is the shower orientation.

This Abacus P-shape shower bath is a single-ended design with its waste positioned at one end (shower side). And as usual, the tub is supplied un-drilled for taps. So, take your time to decide if you like a single or double-tap to go with this Abacus bath combo.

You can choose to buy what you need on Amazon with the ‘Material Type’ drop-down packages. For example, you can select just the bath without all the panels and shower screen or only with the front panel or screen. TOC

Abacus P-Shape Bath – Features and Specifications
Material6mm Sanitary Grade Acrylic
Overall Length1500mm
Overall Width700mm
Shower Width850mm
Shower Bath Screen6mm Toughened Safety Glass
Leg SetIncluded
Warranty5 years

Compact Corner Baths

Look to the corners when you need extra space. That’s what the bathroom designers say, and the bath makers are getting creative with that notion. Even an awkward corner can save your day when you can find the bath with the right dimensions to fill up the space or free up spaces for easier accessibility and safety.

But don’t ever get the wrong idea that corner baths are only meant for small bathrooms. There are larger bathrooms that look perfectly fine with corner baths too. The bottom line is that the bathroom walls and floor space must be sufficient to support your choice’s corner bath. And, of course, there is also the regulated minimum space around the bath that needs to be met.

Apart from space, perhaps the most important thing you must consider even when the space is just right for a tiny bath is your comfort. There is no point in having a bath when half your body is out of the water. Right? Also, if possible, let in more natural light to compensate for the low light level at the corners. A brighter environment can make a small space look and feel roomier.

So, can a corner bath be the right solution to your tight situation? And will these 3 best, and possibly the smallest, corner baths be the answer?

Milano – White Modern Bathroom Right Hand Corner Bath with Panel

Milano - White Modern Bathroom Right Hand Corner Bath with Panel - 1500mm x 1000mm

Want more curves to totally quash the repetitious straight lines and angles? Then you should take a look at this Milano Corner or B-Shape soaking bath. It has the shadow of a P-shape, but since the maker calls it a corner tub or semi-circular, whatever, so be it.

Perfect if you have an asymmetrical corner where one side of the wall is shorter or narrower. It will fit like it belongs there, be it left or right-handed. But it doesn’t seem to come with a shower screen, so you will have to buy a generic one that will fit. Look for a right size curve screen meant for the P-shape baths.

And it comes with the front panel to cover all the pipe works, as seen in the picture above. This is expected; otherwise, it would be a nightmare trying to get a panel that follows the contour.

The overall length for this Milano corner bath is 1500mm, with 850mm as the side for the shorter wall. The shower width is 820mm, and the bath side is about 800mm. No pre-drilled tap holes, so you have the flexibility on the tap location. Or having a wall-mounted tap is not a bad idea either. TOC

Milan Corner BathFeatures and Specifications
MaterialReinforced Lucite Acrylic
Overall Length1500mm
Bath Width1000mm
Shower Bath ScreenNot included
Leg SetIncluded
Warranty10 years

Affine Montpellier Modern Designer Corner Freestanding Bath Acrylic Bathtub

Affine Modern Designer Corner Freestanding Bath Acrylic Bathtub

To be more precise, it is not 100% a freestanding design. It is a corner bath designed to look like a freestanding bath. But who cares, as long as it looks good for a corner and you can fully immerse in your soak.

Even though the tap location looks logical in the picture, you can free up the space with a wall-mounted tap that has a long enough spout and make it single-ended. Imagine in its place is a glass of wine or champagne while you destress in the spa-like bath at perfect water temperature.

Solidly built with Lucite acrylic and further reinforced for rigidity with a 5mm high-density fibreboard and a layer of 3 to 3.5mm thick resin/fibreglass mix. The overall length is 1510mm, and the widest part is a generous 905mm. And at 600mm high, the water can easily reach up to your chest level if you are around 1.75m tall and 75kg in weight. TOC

Affine Montpellier – Features and Specifications
MaterialGenuine Lucite Acrylic
Overall Length1510mm
Overall Width1350mm
Bath Width905mm
Shower Bath ScreenNot included
Leg SetNot included
Warranty10 years

Nuie PCB001 Pilot Modern Bathroom Single Ended Left Hand Offset Corner Bath

Nuie PCB001 Pilot ǀ Modern Bathroom Single Ended Left Hand Offset Corner Bath with Panel, 1450mm x 950mm x 400mm, White

A small bathroom means there will be tight spaces to deal with, especially when planning the layout to include all the fixtures. Every corner and millimetre count, even the awkward spaces are not spared. And when there’s an opportunity to save a few millimetres, you jump on it.
This Nuie PCB001 Pilot is 1450mm long (wall space), just 50mm short of the common 1500mm length. Not a big deal in most cases, but it can be a huge difference in a cramped space. And if you are trying to figure out the shape to give it a name, don’t bother. This quirky bath by Nuie is known as The Pilot Bath. Don’t ask why either; just count your blessing that it fits in the precious floor space of your compact bathroom.
The width is a comfortable 600-ish, but the depth (or height) is a low 400mm. A little shallow for those who love to take deep soaks with water up to the neck. But it still makes a great relaxing spot in the house after a long day at work. TOC

Nuie PCB001Features and Specifications
Material5mm Acrylic
Overall Length1450mm
Overall Width950mm
Bath Width500mm
Shower Bath ScreenNot included
Leg SetIncluded
Warranty5 years

Small Freestanding Baths

A freestanding bath would be nice both in aesthetic and function in any bathroom, big or small. Consider installing one if there is adequate bathroom floor space. But for compact bathrooms, the options might be limited to a certain maximum size.

In most cases, one side of the bath will be back up against the wall, which is not an option because of the floor space limitation. So the use of wall-mounted taps is more practical to save some spaces for the bath.

But if you insist on a single-ended design with a floor-standing tap because it looks cooler that way, prepare to accept a shorter bath. The shortest freestanding bath available off the shelves is probably about 1350mm in length.

And, having a separate shower space may not be possible for compact spaces. So don’t get drawn purely to the aesthetics when you are not ready to sacrifice the existing shower.

However, there is no lack of bathroom ideas, no matter what the situations are. If a shower bath discussed above is not your cup of tea, consider a nice shower curtain to match the freestanding bath and keep the shower mixer.

The Bath Co. Dalston Back to Wall freestanding Bath with Chrome Ball and Claw feet

The Bath Co. Dalston Back to Wall freestanding Bath with Chrome Ball and Claw feet

Fancy a country bathroom but wish you have a larger space for a freestanding tub sitting right in the middle looking out of the window? Well, not quite, but close. At least, you can still look out of the window with this Dalton back to wall freestanding bath by The Bath Co..

How about positioning it against the window? If that sounds like a great idea, just make sure it’s on the upper floor bathroom. Weighing just 31 kilograms, you are not likely to encounter any structural issue with the floor. But still, please make sure you have the certification from a professional or the company doing the installation for you.

The overall length is 1495mm, so judge for yourself, not just space but your physical height as well. And let your imagination churn out the perfect bathroom design idea with this compact freestanding bath. Also, don’t forget to let in more natural light to further create the impression of space.

Perfect for a rustic bathroom design, or an ornate Victorian style, if you like. This little Dalton bath doesn’t look awkward even without the luxury of bigger bathroom space. TOC

The Bath Co. DalstonFeatures and Specifications
Material3.8mm Acrylic
Overall Length1495mm
Overall Width740mm
Bath Width410mm
Height (incl claw feet)615mm
Shower Bath ScreenNot applicable
Leg SetIncluded
Warranty5 years
More Models of Dalston Bath From The Bath Co.

Affine Luxury Montbel Modern Freestanding Bath 1500mm

Luxury Montbel Modern Freestanding Bath 1500mm Acrylic Built in Waste White

Get this Affine Montbel standalone bath if you are at a loss of what bath types to go with your petite bathroom. This gorgeous bath is universally compatible with any contemporary bathroom design. It will give the perfect balance in a space filled with squares, straight lines, and angles.

And against a dark theme, this white Affine Montbel will give the illusion of space. If possible, a floor-mount tap adds a three-dimensional perception in the tight space it is installed. Otherwise, a wall-mounted tap can free up more floor space.

But, however great it seems, you need a space big enough to accommodate its 1500mm overall length and broad enough for its 700mm width plus clearance space. And typical of freestanding baths, full-body soaking lovers will love the bathing depth.

The depth (or bath height) is 610mm, the deepest of the 1500mm range by Affine. TOC

Affine Montbel – Features and Specifications
MaterialBrass, Resin, Fibreglass, Acrylic
Overall Length1500mm
Overall Width700mm
Bath Width640mm
Shower Bath ScreenNot included
Leg SetNot required
Warranty10 years

Mode Tate 1350mm Acrylic Freestanding Bath

Mode Tate freestanding bath 1350 x 745

This Mode Tate acrylic standalone bath will make any limited space lamenting sound like an unforgivable excuse. You can’t get any smaller than its 1350mm length for a freestanding bathtub. And your narrow bathroom might seem larger than you thought with this Mode Tate freestander.

If you are of average height, 1.75m for men and 1.60m for women, this Mode’s compact bathtub can still provide a relaxing soak. The 585mm bath height will get most of your body submerged, plus the 745mm width is pretty generous for a small bath.

The bathing depth, the level water fills up to the overflow, is 460mm. That is the depth even for a regular-sized bath where the water reaches chest level when sitting straight up.

So hold your plan to renovate for more bathroom space and consider this Mode Tate small freestanding bath. Maybe your petite bathroom is big enough for this beautiful tub and saves yourself some money and messy bathroom renovations. TOC

Mode Tate – Features and Specifications
Material3.8mm Acrylic
Overall Length1350mm
Overall Width745mm
Bath Width675mm
Shower Bath ScreenNot included
Leg SetNot required
Warranty2 years installation

Good And Reliable Straight Baths

How else do you think hotels address the issue of having a shower and bathtub in a small bathroom? Nothing can beat the use of shower curtains and straight baths because this combination is the most cost-effective to install and maintain.

If you have a tight budget to meet, consider a straight bath. Though they may not be a conversation piece like the freestanding models, you can make up for it with creative bathroom ideas. New paints on bathroom walls, clever use of lightings, unique bathroom accessories, etc., can change the overall feel and mood.

And there are plenty of compact size straight baths to choose from, depending on how much space you have. Off the shelves, a 1200mm long bath is pretty easy to obtain. But of course, the more important consideration, as mentioned earlier, is your comfort. Don’t go to the extreme just for the sake of having a bathtub, or it will become a white elephant in no time. TOC

Cesar Designer Square Single Ended Acrylic Bath 1400 x 700mm

1400 x 700mm Designer Single Ended Bathtub Acrylic Square Bathroom Square Straight Bath Tub - Cesar

Seriously, other than size and material type, there aren’t much to consider for a straight bath to fit into your small bathroom. Almost all compact straight baths are made of acrylic due mainly to cost. After all, would you pay good money for a small stone straight bath? Other than acrylic, the demand compared to a regular size bath is simply not justifiable for mass production.

But whatever your reason is to go for the smallest size bath, try not to venture beyond 1500mm in length. If you have to, get the 1400mm max like this Cesar Designer Square Single Ended Acrylic Bath. Of course, that’s on the assumption that you are of the average height. Otherwise, either consider renovating for more space or do nothing.

Don’t try the extreme of a 1200mm long bath because it makes no difference to stand showering with or without the tub. Unless it is meant for an individual who is around 1.4 to 1.5 metres tall.

Cesar Designer Square Bath – Features & Specifications
Material6mm Acrylic
Overall Length1400mm
Overall Width700mm
Bath Width540mm
Shower Bath ScreenNot included
Leg SetIncluded
Warranty5 years

Nuie NBA404 Linton Modern Bathroom Single Ended 1400mm Square Bath

Nuie, White NBA404 Linton ǀ Modern Bathroom Single Ended Square Bath, 1400mm x 700mm x 370mm, 1400mm x 700mm

Another 1400mm long straight bath. But the bath height of this Nuie Linton bath is 400mm compared to the 380mm height of the Cesar bath above. The rest of the dimensions are almost identical, or rather, the differences are insignificant to have an impact on your comfort.

Even the price difference between the Cesar and this Nuie straight bath is hardly a factor to consider. You can equate the £30 difference for the extra bathing height the Nuie has over the Cesar if you need to feel a little better.

But suppose you want a more rigid bath for greater stability. In that case, the 6mm thick acrylic of Cesar Square bath has the clear advantage over this Nuie Linton with 4mm acrylic thickness.

Nuie NBA404 Linton Square Bath – Features & Specifications
Material4mm Acrylic
Overall Length1400mm
Overall Width700mm
Bath Width618mm/560mm
Shower Bath ScreenNot included
Leg SetIncluded
Warranty5 years


A bath is a device or fixture without moving parts. This means wear and tear damages are minimal and insignificant. The durability largely depends on the type of material it is made of, which has to do with cost.

Unless you have a budget good for a bespoke bath, nothing can beat the cost of those mass-produced acrylic models. So considering those baths for small bathrooms, it is only natural for people to search for what’s available on the shelves first. And more often than not, you will see an acrylic bath wherever you turn.

Those baths recommended above may not be the best baths money can buy. Still, they are the ultimate models if they can meet your expectation for budget, size, design, and availability. And most of all, your comfort.

But if all the above (including the 1200mm length models) is still a little big for your tiny bathroom, you may want to consider a Japanese Deep Soak Bath. And hopefully, that will end your search for a compact bath suitable for your bathroom. Otherwise, how about a bigger house with a bigger bathroom? Just saying. TOC

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